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October 2014
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The Konkow Valley Band of Maidu held their annual Salmon celebration this past October 5th at which traditional Konkow songs and dances highlighted the event. Konkow elders along with tribal members and their new borns provided a beautiful setting for prayers, reflections, and rejoicing. Many thanks to the Southern Maidu and the Wintun Dancers of Colusa who helped support this monumental celebration.
We are honored to once again host this annual event in our traditional homeland
to pay tribute to the ancestors and the culture.

Ghost Indians of California

Ghost Indians of California

All Indians who were residing in the State of California on June 1, 1852, and their descendants now living in said State.
Who are currently acknowledged by the Department of the Interior pursuant to 25 USC 657.
Who are not now acknowledged by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
And, who the US Congress never terminated.

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Our ancestors lived along the various streams and tributaries of the Feather River in the area that is now Butte County, California. First contact with Euro-Americans in the 1830s brought diseases that killed many of our people. The results of the gold rush of 1849 were devastating to the native peoples. The US Congress secreted away the 18 Treaties made with the California Tribes. The miners and settlers coming into the area led to predation on the native's traditional food sources resulting in starvation. The new State of California passed many discriminatory laws which allowed raids by slave traders; legal indenture; a policy of deportation to reservations; and finally, extermination of those that would not be corralled and herded to the
Round Valley Reservation, in 1863.


This site has been constructed to develop our tribal documentation for two purposes:

1. Federal recognition of the Konkow Valley Band of Maidu as an Indian Tribe.

2. Clarification and affirmation of the federal status of the ConCow Maidu Tribe.

 This is a work in progress; last updated 11/23/2013

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